Fast rise in German visitor numbers at Mulu

Named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000, Mulu National Park in Sarawak is seeing European visitor numbers – especially from Germany – growing rapidly. The park, despite being remote (or perhaps thanks to its remoteness), is recognised throughout Asia as being a model in terms of management and infrastructure. Mulu’s Clearwater cave is one of the biggest in the world – over 200 km long, and in terms of volume of space Mulu is the biggest in the world.

Around 23,000 visitors come to Mulu each year, limited largely by the fact unless one wants to spend a full day in a river boat, the only way in and out is by air. 2017 saw a rise of 28% in German visitors to Sarawak’s state parks, to just over 2,000 visitors, and a further rise was expected for 2018. The biggest European source market is the UK, while the third is Holland, with 1,448 visitors in 2017.

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