Extraordinary day trips from Kuala Lumpur


Malaysia’s biggest city has a huge choice of things to do – not only within the city itself, but also within an hour or two by car. Along with the Batu Caves, Resorts World Genting, Port Dickson or Putrajaya, here are a few “highlights” just a stone’s throw from KL.


Just over ten years after being placed on the UNESCO World Heritage listing, Malacca (capital of the state of the same name) has major ambitions to further its cultural impact on the world. The most recent example is the opening, in July 2018, of the “Encore Melaka” theatre extravaganza. Encore Melaka presents a mesmerising performance with a series of touching life stories of the locals. It is not designed as a cultural performance for tourists, but more as a performance that reflects a society that embraces diversity and inclusiveness.


About three kilometres off the coast from the fishing village of Jeram, Selangor, the sky mirror only “appears” a few days every month. When the tide is ideal, the sand bar emerges with a thin sheet of water on top to give a breath- taking mirror-like re ection. Speed boats leave early in the morning for around half an hour’s ride to get to the sand bar at just the right time, as there’s only an hour or so to take photos before the tide comes back in. While hundreds of people head to the Sky Mirror to take “crazy” photos, the sheer size of the place means it’s not at all overcrowded.


Gliding along a river in silence in the early evening, visitors to Kampung Kuantan just 56 km from Kuala Lumpur, witness a festival of synchronised fairy lights emanating from millions upon millions of fireflies This unusual phenomenon can be found only in two places in the world, at the Selangor River in Malaysia and on another river in Brazil. Situated around 9 km from Kuala Selangor, Kampung Kuantan has become a major tourist attraction thanks to this extraordinary natural phenomenon, and over the past couple of years, boats and facilities have been upgraded making for safer and more comfortable tours.

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