Being with nature in Sri Lanka

The best way to catch a glimpse of wildlife and nature is from Sri Lanka’s National Parks; home to 92 types of mammals (16 endemic) such as the elephant, leopard, sloth bear, sambur, spotted dear, mouse and barking deer, porcupine, ant-eater, civet, giant squirrel, and monkeys; macaque, purple-faced leaf monkey and grey langur.

With 12 National Parks and 52 Sanctuaries that account for 12% of Sri Lanka’s land area, the nation is truly a startling multiplicity of physical features and wildlife. Regardless of what one’s interests may be, book a tour around Sri Lankas’s National Parks and witness a variety of wildlife from one part of the country to the other.

For the more adventurous, experience killer falls and chilling rapids over frothy- white icy waters in Kitulgala, Sitawaka Ganga and Kotmale Ganga. With two monsoons a year, these are the wettest parts of the country.

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