Allgäu promotes culinary tourism, tradition and beautiful castles

The Allgäu, is a mountainous region in Bavaria, says that one of its annual highlights is the Viehscheid, a cattle drive, which takes pace this year from September 11-28.

As the summer draws to a close, the well-fed cattle with their festive decorations come down from the mountain pastures and back into the valley. The whole village joins in the celebrations. Visitors come from far and wide to experience the spectacle.

A brass band plays, while the beer tents gradually fill up. Regional costume associations showcase their skills at Schuhplatteln dancing and Alphorn blowing.

Allgäu fascinated King Ludwig II of Bavaria. When he sought peace and quiet and wanted to breathe in freedom, he climbed the mountain peaks, rode across the meadows or listened to the operas of Richard Wagner in his famous castle. Ludwig II translated his heroic royal fantasies into visual form when he built Neuschwanstein.

Culinary pleasures in Allgäu mean more than just being served a good meal prepared using regional ingredients. Everything tastes twice as good when served with a panoramic view up in the mountains or in a secluded spot in the valley.

Eating in Allgäu means enjoying the very best of the simple things in life! Kaiserschmarrn, home-made cheese pasta, sauerkraut dumplings: cooks in Allgäu conjure up specialities using high-quality regional ingredients.

The specialities of Allgäu are made with a few basic ingredients; flour, eggs and dairy products – home- made pasta from Baunzen to Schupfnudeln; plum dumplings; home-made ravioli and a wide variety of quark dishes and sweet puddings, from apple fritters to “drunken virgins”.

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