A different take on the Maldives


As a community based tour provider, Secret Paradise Maldives allows visitors to experience the “real Maldives” through the eyes of their passionate and experienced local guiding team.

Since 2012, Secret Paradise tours have allowed guests to learn about the Maldives, its culture, beliefs, history and traditions. Guests travel by ferry and stay in guesthouses on local islands – where the local community bene ts directly from the income gained. Itineraries include island discovery tours, learning to cook Maldivian cuisine, sharing a meal with a local family and learning traditional local crafts. Guests also have the opportunity to “give back” and participate in local conservation efforts as well as enjoy activities for which the Maldives is famed – snorkelling, sunset cruises and relaxation! ‘’We believe there is no better way to discover a country than through the eyes of a local, so why not bring the Maldives to life and travel with a Secret Paradise local guide?” – Ruth Franklin, Sales Director and Co Founder, Secret Paradise Maldives.

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