Themed travel experiences are in demand

Andrew Yell is General Manager, Global Sales, Product Contracting & Operations, Excite Holidays, which has enjoyed year-on-year growth from a single office in Sydney, Australia to include offices in New Zealand, USA, UK, Thailand, Singapore and Greece since its inception in 2002. We asked him to tell us a little more about his organisation and what he’s looking for at ITB Berlin

We secure the best possible rates from the world biggest hotel chains to one of a kind boutique properties. We work exclusive with travel agents in a B2B environment and we own and develop our own technology which ensure we stay one step ahead.

What are the main trends you are seeing in terms of buyer demand?
Suppliers moving away from static contracts and taking control of their yield and inventory. Travel agents are demanding best rate of the day and last room availability all within in one simple booking environment, consumers are well researched and don’t like being dictated to, they want choice and options presented to them.

What are you hoping to gain from this year’s ITB Berlin?
ITB gives me a way to connect with our existing partners all in one place, but more importantly it gives me a global perspective on the tourism world.

Are you particularly interested in particular travel themes?

Emerging markets are always of interest to see what’s the “next hot place”. Themed travel experiences are in demand so I will be using some of my time to further explore specialised operators in this space as well as new technology

Why did you decide to join the ITB Berlin Buyers Circle, and what, for you, are the key advantages of being a member?
Being a member of the ITB Buyers Circle is important for me personally and for Excite Holidays, it signals to all parties that the members of the Buyers Circle are there for serious business and that we have significant commercial business to transact.

Photo: Andrew Yell, General Manager, Global Sales, Product Contracting & Operations, Excite Holidays