The South-West Delta: a tourist’s paradise

The Dutch Southwest Delta stands out for its untouched nature yet is close to cities including Rotterdam, The Hague and Antwerp. Here visitors can spot diverse wildlife including seals, porpoises, deer, amingos and white tailed eagles. The North Sea beaches, along with the marinas in Haringvliet, Grevelingen, Oosterschelde and Lake Veere, are well-known for their clean, bright water and high-standard accommodation. Grevelingen and Oosterschelde are also popular with divers.

In cooperation with the regional and national governments, the four municipalities in the area invest in robust, sustainable

climate and ecosystem solutions that also enhance water quality. The natural values of a dynamic estuarial tidal environment have been nurtured through the creation of dynamic locks in the Delta works, with the tide also used to generate sustainable energy to reduce CO2 emissions.

The natural, green destination also boasts restaurants, historical towns and villages, a rich maritime history and plenty of accommodation. The Southwest Delta attracts nature lovers, cyclists, kiters, hikers and lovers of watersports

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