Slovenia – new ideas, new promotions

MY WAY communication established in response to recent industry trends

Rebeka Kumer Bizjak the new Head of Representative Office in Germany at the Slovenian Tourist Board. We asked her what the main themes of her nation’s promotion are this year at ITB Berlin

This year, our promotion at ITB Berlin focuses on Slovenia’s cultural offerings as well as Lipica stud farm, which is an important cradle of Lipizzaner horses on a Europe-wide level.

During ITB, we are launching a new communication platform. New strategic orientations of Slovenia as a tourist destination and changed travel habits have encouraged us to create the MY WAY communication platform, which represents a new approach and a refreshed creative solution in support of Slovenia’s promotion on foreign markets for the next years. Our new communication platform contributes to achieving Slovenia’s vision of a green boutique destination for 5-star experiences and represents support for increasing the added value of Slovenian tourism. It is created in response to the recent trends in the industry and changed travel habits, such as the search for authenticity, personal experiences and a new concept of luxury. Now, with the new understanding of the meaning of today’s luxury, and people increasing not only seeking, but cherishing authentic experiences we would like to engage our target audiences in a more emotional and experiential manner. The new MY WAY direction provides highly individualized consumers with a plethora of choices, freeing them up to their senses and inviting them to experience Slovenia in their own unique way.


Why is “Green Slovenia” such an important part of your message?
Slovenia first started to acknowledge the importance of sustainability in tourism back in 2007 and defined ‘green’ as the essence of the I feel Slovenia brand in 2008. We defined our 3-stage green philosophy: firstly, Slovenia is a very green country, which consists of 60 percent forests and more than 1/3 of protected areas. However, we knew that if we wanted to promote it responsibly, we need to do everything in a sustainable manner. So, secondly: we develop green, and thirdly, proudly communicate and share the green story.


It is said that Slovenia is the “new destination for foodies”. Why so?
In the recent years, Slovenia has developed tremendously in terms of gastronomy. Foodies can find something to enjoy in all corners of Slovenia. This also resulted in the fact that Slovenia was named the European Region of Gastronomy (ERG) 2021. Slovenia’s culinary scene is a fusion of cultures and different influences. Surrounded by Austria, Italy, Croatia, and Hungary, which all impact the culinary scene a bit, is characterized by diverse typical dishes where local ingredients are used. World- famous chefs, among them also Ana Roš, World’s Best Female Chef of 2017, have managed to lift the Slovenian culinary scene to a completely new level. They combine their creativity and local ingredients and thus create a unique cuisine with a great added value. The 2017–2021 Strategy for the Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism defines gastronomy as one of the ten leading tourist products since it enables development of excellent experiences and contributes to the dispersion of tourist flows and deseasonalisation of tourism, which are also considered our central objectives for the future.

What’s new when it comes to outdoor, sports and nature?
The first 5-star experiences, which have received the Slovenia Unique Experiences label, have just been revealed by the Slovenian Tourist Board. They were chosen among 17 applicants on the basis of 40 strict criteria defined last June. The first series of the selected 9 Slovenia Unique Experiences also include outdoor activities in natural environment, for example a night in a tree house at Garden Village Bled, underground kayaking in the Mežica mines or an unforgettable day at Fonda sh farm, located in Slovenian Istria in the heart of the Se ovlje Salina Nature Park.

Photo: Rebeka Kumer Bizjak, Head of Representative Office, Germany, Slovenian Tourist Board