Qatar announces Al Enna Project to enhance camping, beach & desert experiences at Khor Al-Adaid

An enhanced experience awaits campers and beach- goers heading to Qatar’s Khor Al-Adaid this winter season, organisers of the Al Enna project have announced.

Al Enna – a local Arabic word which means camping ground – is a development project that aims to ensure campers and visitors to Khor Al- Adaid can bene t from safe and enjoyable experiences while protecting the wildlife in the area and providing access to more services and amenities.
Located in the south-eastern corner of the peninsula just 65km from the capital, Khor Al- Adaid is a UNESCO- recognised natural reserve characterised by the beauty and diversity of its sand dunes. As one of the few rare places in the world where the sea encroaches deep into the heart of the desert, it is a popular hotspot for residents and tourists alike, particularly during the winter.

Omar Al Jaber, a Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) representative and Al Enna Project’s official spokesperson commented, “The project is the first step in a comprehensive plan to develop the Khor Al-Adaid area and comes as part of QTA’s efforts to enhance Qatar’s visitors end-to- end experience as outlined in the Next Chapter of the National Tourism Sector Strategy 2018-2023”

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