New Caledonia signs important new conservation agreement

Philippe Germain, president of the New Caledonian Government, and Richard Jeo, vice-President of Conservation International Foundation, signed an important framework agreement on 12 February in the presence of François Tron, director of Conservation International New Caledonia.

After an initial agreement signed in 2012, the parties have agreed to work further on a four-point plan to further the protection of the marine areas around the archipelago. In August 2018, the government already created 28,000 sq km of reserves, in Chester eld, Bellona, D’Entrecasteaux, Petri and Astrolabe, of which 7,000 sq km are “integral reserves” (as against 0.6 sq km previously). This is the highest level of protection of the international Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). By this classification, no access or human activity is permitted, except in the context of scientific research validated beforehand by government order.

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