Malta tourism authority launches LGBTQ+ training tool using OTT

The Malta Tourism Authority has used OTT to create an online training programme educating travel professionals about the archipelago’s LGBTQ+ travel credentials.
The launch of coincides with Malta retaining the top spot on ILGA’s European Rainbow Index 2018 for the third consecutive year.

The ILGA is a non-governmental, independent, international organisation promoting human rights, equality and strengthening the LGBTQ+ movement.

The OTT training course provides in- depth information about Malta’s path to becoming an inclusive LGBTQ+ destination. Agents also have the chance to learn about Malta’s accommodation offer, activities and places to visit. Peter Vella, Director UK & Ireland, Malta Tourism Authority, says: “We pride ourselves on being a welcoming, safe destination for all travellers and travel agents are key to spreading awareness and the message amongst the UK audience. It’s important for the trade to be equipped with the right facts about LGBTQ+ travel to help travellers make an informed decision.”

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