Luxury Adventure – deep in the Arctic Circle

Home to the smallest population of any of Canada’s provinces and territories, the Yukon is vast, sparse, and houses the kind of wild and untamed beauty that can only be appreciated when one is fully immersed in it. Arctic Range Adventure, based in the Yukon’s capital of Whitehorse, offers guests unique and breath-taking tours across the Yukon wilderness, Alaska, and deep into the Arctic Circle.

These unforgettable excursions include once-in-a-lifetime activities such as driving ice roads, experiencing First Nation culture, dog sledding, canoeing, hiking, wildlife viewing, snowmobiling and the chance to see the Aurora Borealis electrify the starry night sky.

A selection of day tours whisk visitors on canoeing trips, icefield tours, sightseeing flights, and into the unspoilt heart of Kluane National Park, whilst the longer excursions plunge guests into two or more nights in the depths of the Canadian wilderness, where they will stay in luxury accommodations and enjoy action-packed days traversing the landscapes and tranquil evenings viewing the northern lights.

These day tours and guided roundtrips offer a great variety of summer and winter activities, allowing guests to experience this incredible part of the world all year long.

Arctic Range tours focus on experiential, first-hand involvement with the Yukon environment and culture. Guests can enjoy all of the excitement and all of the challenges brought by the harsh environment of the Arctic in an adventurous way. Arctic Range say they “understand that 21st century tourism requires more than just offering tourists a glimpse into another world; now more and more tourists want to fully immerse into this new world and get to know it more personally. We also understand that tourists want comfort and ease, that’s why Arctic Range ensure high quality and luxury with all of our excursions.”

In this sense, Arctic Range has set up the unique and exclusive “AuroraCentre” where guests can enjoy the magic of watching the glowing green sky in style and comfort under the open sky of the North.

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