Ireland introduces the world’s first tourism advertisement rated by the heart

If modern life can leave us running on empty and yearning for more authentic experiences, then Ireland is the perfect antidote. Now, a new ad campaign from Tourism Ireland has technologically proven what visitors to the island have always known: a holiday here will fill your heart with a joyful love of life.

Fred and Lisa, a real married couple from Sweden who had never visited Ireland before, were invited to visit some of the island’s most spectacular locations. They wore heart-rate monitors linked to a helmet-mounted camera. Every time their heart rate changed, a wireless computer logged the information.

“When the brain feels an emotion, it corresponds to an increase in heart rate,” explains Professor Brian Hughes, from the School of Psychology, National University of Ireland Galway.

By tracking the experiences and physiological responses of the couple along the way, Tourism Ireland was able to capture the moments that evoked their most dramatic reactions.

“In this experiment, where the couple are walking around experiencing beautiful, exciting things, we do see an effect…that feeling of something being really beautiful or taking your breath away – it is known that this increases your heart rate,” says Dr Alison Muir, consultant cardiologist.

The end result is something unique – an ad featuring scenes chosen not by Tourism Ireland but by the hearts of Fred and Lisa, proving once and for all that Ireland’s beautiful landscapes and the authentic warmth and wit of its people offer genuine, heart-filling moments.

Against a soundtrack of Home Again by Delorentos, the Tourism Ireland ad showcases 17 stunning locations around the island of Ireland – all of which were selected by the emotions of Fred and Lisa

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