looks to connect with airlines, hotels and agencies

Christina Verhaelen is Contracting Manager at Clevertours. We asked her about the business and her focus at ITB Berlin, which is part of DER Touristik group, designs and markets high-quality travel products for end consumers and business partners. The attractively priced offering has proven successful with end consumers and key accounts such as the travel agency sales business and retail companies including REWE and PENNY.

What are the main trends you are seeing in terms of buyer demand?
As a direct selling tour operator with monthly catalogue productions, we work extremely flexible. We offer all different types of holidays: beach holidays, roundtrips, cruises, city trips and a whole lot more.

What are you hoping to gain from this year’s ITB Berlin?
Meeting present partners to talk about common experiences and possible improvements because there’s always space to learn from the past. I also want to meet new contacts and take home new ideas to constantly develop our portfolio.

Are you particularly interested in particular travel themes?
My main focus is on connecting with airlines, hotels and agencies for group tours. Besides that, I always keep my eyes peeled for new ideas and trends as our business is a fast one.


How important is the speed dating organised at ITB for you?
I am going to attend the speed dating network for the first time this year and hope to meet new and interesting people within a short period of time.

Why did you decide to join the ITB Berlin Buyers Circle, and what, for you, are the key advantages of being a member?
I have been a member for years now – a friend of mine recommended attending ITB Buyers Circle and, in my view, it is still the perfect basis when it comes to planning my yearly visit to ITB Berlin.

How important is ITB Berlin for you as an event and why?
ITB is the “place to be” in the tourism industry.

Photo: Christina Verhaelen, Contracting Manager, Clevertours