Chile: Trending in adventure tourism

Chile is in trend and very much in demand, especially in adventure tourism. Due to the special situation of the country and the diversity of the landscape, the possibilities are unlimited: whether dune surfing in the far north, rafting in the middle or trekking in the far south; the desert, the plateau, the ancestral culture, the sea, the Andes, the volcanoes and lakes, the rainforests, untouched nature and the green south; all this makes Chile a very attractive adventure destination! To get closer to land and people, one has to become part of it, and merge with nature.

A perfect combination of comfort, flexibility and camping offers a 4×4 vehicle with a living part on the pick- up, a so-called camper. This individual form of travel is increasingly in demand, because a country can really be discovered closer, everyone on its own way. The long distances are taken with ease and each traveler decides where he wants to stay longer or how his route runs.

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