Bali: stroll, pedal and paddle

With the famous Mt. Batur Sunrise climb becoming more congested, Khiri Travel has been looking for alternative activities in the Batur area with a combination of activities that will leave visitors breathless, including the Batur Caldera Trilogy Exploration, and Batur Sunrise Stroll, Pedal and Paddle.

In the cool early morning, visitors are picked up from their hotel to drive up through the lingering mists of Kintamani to the rim of the ancient Batur caldera. After breakfast and sunrise over the mountain, visitors descend into the caldera to mount bikes for a nine-kilometer ride on a sealed road among the undulating plains of historic lava flows, making several stops along the way. They visit waterfalls, springs, caverns, lava formations and ash cones. Where the sealed road ends, visitors continue on foot to enter a sea of hardened lava from the more recent eruptions between 1963 and 1999. This peaceful 3.5-kilometer walk takes one over the location of the original village of Batur, buried under the lava flows since 1928, bringing visitors to the Lake shore. Next is the lake crossing by kayak, paddling from the pagoda of Pura Patirtan (Holy water temple), part of the Pura Jati complex at the ancient site of Batur village, across to Dalem Pingit pagoda on shores of Kedisan village. A floating restaurant is the final oasis. Here time stands still while visitors are treated to tea and local delicacies… before a return to the hotel.

Hall 26b / Stand 203

Photo: Campuhan Ridge trail near Ubed another hikers favourite