Water Sports and Nature Preservation at Heart of New Caledonia Tourism Promotion at ITB Berlin

New Caledonia Tourism, in partnership with Aircalin, Noumea Discovery Travel Company and Noumea Travel Specialist, were present at ITB Berlin under the flag of the South Pacific Tourism Organisation, and on Stand N° 104 in the “South Pacific Village” attractions and new tourism initiatives in 2018. New Caledonian tourism is continuing its growth, and from 2013 has produced a steady increase in tourist traffic year after year.

From January to October 2017 the destination welcomed 95,456 tourists (including total of 33,059 from Europe) and were due to easily exceed the annual objective of 119,000. This is without counting the 493,278 cruise passengers who visited in 2017. This positive trend was confirmed with a 4.1% increase in numbers in 2017 compared to 2016 and 5.3% compared to 2015 (recorded from January to October), mainly due to increases coming from the destination’s neighbouring countries: Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the other Oceanian islands. This French archipelago in the Pacific, located 17,000kms from Europe, has many attractions up its sleeve to appeal to tourists, most notably the second largest coral Barrier Reef in the world, together with its UNESCO World Heritage listed lagoons which have been registered since 2008. A convincing argument for lovers of both water sports and the preservation of nature, which NCT intends to highlight by celebrating in suitable style this 10-year anniversary of the World Heritage listing.

Indeed, this is the major theme in 2018 tourist promotions, with various events linked to it. At the same time, as this anniversary, and following on from a year focused on culture and gastronomy which featured most notably the B2C “Sounds of New Caledonia” campaign with the video being nominated at the Golden City Gate in the Tourism Multimedia Awards category, NCT is launching a new multi-channel and multi-market B2C marketing campaign around the concept of “the country of increased reality” enabling the visitor to “Move out of the dream and into reality”.