Viking Cruises Heralds ITB Buyers Circle

Viking Cruises provides destination-focused itineraries designed for experienced travellers. We met Nathalie Koutina and Kaj Dienske, both Managers of Purchasing Land Operations, Viking Cruises to find out about their experiences in the ITB Buyers Circle.

KD: ITB Berlin has been very good – we come here to meet so many suppliers, both existing and new ones, in such a short amount of time.

How do you work within the ITB Buyers Circle?
NK: Specific properties don’t usually have their own stand, they sit with their destination; the challenge for us is to run between the big booths of the big brands to the different countries. With our ocean business growing, many more destinations worldwide are becoming important.

What are the benefits of being in the ITB Buyers Circle?
KD: It’s nice that we have a place to sit down at meet with vendors. And it’s good to meet with colleagues before we have meetings on the stand.

Nathalie Koutina – Manager Purchasing Land Operations, Viking Cruises

Kaj Dienske – Manager Purchasing Land Operations, Viking Cruises