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Tourism Malaysia: Going the Extra Mile in Communication

Well, the countdown has begun to the 2019 edition of ITB Berlin, whose Official Partner Country will be Malaysia.

In speaking with senior officials of Malaysia’s tourism authority last year, as contracts were finalised between the DMO and ITB Berlin, it became apparent that a key factor that can make a difference in terms of impact from being Official Partner Country is that of communication with the over 5,000 media representatives and 450 bloggers present at the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show.

For this reason, Tourism Malaysia commissioned Cleverdis, publishers of ITB Berlin News, to send leading staff to Malaysia on several trips in 2018, to gather media assets in addition to those already available through their website, to give media an unequalled choice of interview material, story ideas, articles and highresolution photos that are all rights-free. The result is a web-hub called TourMAB. com – the Tourism Media Asset Base. The site was officially launched on the last day of ITB Berlin 2018, and will grow throughout the year as we add content month by month, arriving at ITB Berlin 2019 with a very large choice of assets for media.

We know well that journalists are often strapped for time when covering a show like this, as their time is limited, and the demands of senior editorial to get interesting stories about destinations “under the spotlight” are very high. Having a plethora of story ideas at hand from which one can “mix’n’match” will thus be a relief to many, and will, we are sure, add to the richness and colour of the stories produced about this incredible country that still has so much to discover for the curious traveller.

Tourism Malaysia is, we believe, one of the most dynamic and innovative destination marketing organisations attending ITB Berlin. We can’t wait to see what awaits us at what will doubtless be an extraordinary opening ceremony 2019, along with other activities during the show… all this in the run-up to the all-important Visit Malaysia 2020.

Richard Barnes, Editor-in-Chief, ITB Berlin News