IDeaS Revenue Solutions Debuts Hospitality’s First Voice – Driven Revenue Management Platform at ITB Berlin

IDeaS Revenue Solutions has unveiled the first voice-based interface designed for a revenue management platform as the company’s G3 Revenue Management System (IDeaS G3 RMS) is now compatible with devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, in multiple languages.

IDeaS G3 RMS voice-interaction technology will, says IDeaS, allow all business stakeholders to access real-time data and performance metrics through smart speaker devices. The interface will be accessible anywhere a user has the appropriate technology and internet access, whether at the office, from home or even while travelling.

“Our goal is simple: to continually push the innovation boundaries to enable hotels’ success, whether it be deep machine learning, artificial intelligence or voice-enabled interaction. Hotels rely on us to provide the most accurate and insightful data to drive optimal revenue strategy,” said IDeaS’ founder and chief scientist, Dr Ravi Mehrotra.

Voice interaction will give hoteliers, at all levels, instant access to a myriad of performance data such as occupancy, room rates, competitor rates, forecasts, revenue details and more. Revenue management solutions are a critical intersection point, often storing data from a multitude of disparate systems. IDeaS claim that voice technology now makes accessing all that data even simpler, driving more efficiencies and productivity within an organisation