Tour East Promotes Community-Led Cultural Tourism

Tour East is a division of, a social enterprise with a mission to foster inclusive and sustainable development. It promotes the cultural tourism destinations of West Bengal and Goa in India, offering authentic experiences based around heritage traditions and the simplicity of rural life amidst natural beauty.

An example of community-led tourism, Tour East promotes destinations where local communities own and manage all the logistics for the tourists, giving them a first-hand and intimate experience of the local art, culture and nature in their villages.

In West Bengal, for example, Tour East has created 20 such destinations. There are 60-150 families in each village and every village is a hub of traditional music, art and craft. Tour East has also started working with communities in Goa.

To add to the authentic experience, these destinations also typically offer furnished accommodation in folk art centres, while visitors between October and March can also check out popular annual festivals that celebrate the local heritage.

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Photo: Chau, The Mask Dance group from West Bengal.