Barrier-Free Adventure In The Black Forest

eMove is at ITB Berlin presenting an extraordinary new concept for adventure travel open to all, with tours of the Black Forest using Ziesel caterpillar-based machines.

With the trade-mark of Schwartzwald Idylle, these new machines propel the rider through the forest with 500 Nm of torque, similar to a Porsche 911 up to 40 km/h, but with zero emissions, as they are all electric. Safety is a prime concern, and the Ziesel, designed and built in Austria, is able to take a 60% gradient without toppling, while the rider is securely strapped into the bucket seat. D “I saw the Ziesel on TV, and as I was already making Segway tours, and it’s like a quad tour 2.0!

We are making safaris in the Black Forest that last one to two hours, including a meal. It’s a really great experience – also for people who are physically handicapped”, says company owner Eric Bayer. While electric wheelchairs have been around for some time, they can’t get to where the Ziesel can go. “It’s a really cool experience. We’ve had some handicapped people who said it’s a great new concept for them. The tours operate in all seasons – through the snow or in the spring or summer when the scents of the forest are wonderful”

Hall 6.1 / Stand 202