Vodohod Orders New Cruise Ship

Russian company Vodohod has signed a contract with United Shipbuilding Corporation for the construction of a four-deck passenger cruise vessel, the PV300LMPP-110.

Completion of building and testing of the passenger vessel is scheduled for 2019 and finishing and handover to the customer by the beginning of 2020.

Vodohod said that funding of the construction is carried out as part of governmental programme “Development of shipbuilding for 2013 – 2030” of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The PV300LMPP-110 will be 141 metres long and 16.8 metres wide. Passenger capacity will be 342 with crew and service staff of 144 people.

Cabins will be provided with French-style balconies and the size of the standard cabin will be 19 square metres; a suite cabin will measure 30 square metres.

A spokesman for Vodohod said the cruise vessel will in fact be a modern floating hotel created with the use of the most recent technological developments.

Hall 25 / Stand 123