Japan Takes NatGeo Audiences on a Magical Photographic Journey

The Los Angeles office of the Japan National Tourism Organisation ( J N TO), together with photographer Krista Rossow and iconic documentary/expedition organisation National Geographic, have released a photo series highlighting Krista’s recent photography tour through the beautiful natural landscape of Japan’s Chugoku region.

At the same time, JNTO has launched an online consumer campaign to entice American travellers to follow in Krista’s footsteps and discover the wonders of the Chugoku region. As the rising popularity of Japan leads more Americans to explore the lesser known corners of the country, JNTO will continue to work to inspire and inform travellers of all it has to offer them as a travel destination.

The photo series, which can be viewed on National Geographic’s website, appears in three parts that take readers on a journey through the rugged coastlines, mystical shrines, and intense natural beauty of Shimane or Hiroshima prefectures. Behind The Lens: A Peaceful Moment In Japan is Krista’s own account of finding a spectacular photo opportunity in the most unsuspecting circumstances. “I was already entranced by the trees, the ethereal light, and the misty air. The rain made sense here. And I’d truly found Oki’s magic,” said Rossow of her experience at the majestic Dangyouno- taki waterfalls where unexpected weather created the perfect shot.

Shimane Prefecture : Japan’s Best Kept Secret introduces readers to Shimane’s very best, from a trip to Japan’s most sacred shrine to a hike through the volcanic Oki Islands, a UNESCO Global Geopark. Finally, Hiroshima: Ancient Works, Stunning Sights, and a Passion for Peace highlights Hiroshima’s quest for world peace against a backdrop of historical sights and unforgettable experiences. Japan’s abundant natural beauty, cultural experiences, and expansive history are brought into sharp focus through Krista’s photographs which are sure to inspire and excite travellers to recreate her journey themselves.

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