Amatara Wellness Resort Launches Brain Health Initiative

In cooperation with Bangkok Hospital’s Brain Health Institute (BDMS) in Phuket, Amatara Wellness Resort has developed a worldwide innovative healthcare plan focussing on the brain. The programme aims to prevent diseases like Alzheimer and dementia.

The brain health enhancement programme begins within an evidence-based approach to understanding a participant’s health status, with a particular focus on the brain. Over two nights and three days, a team of medical professionals guide guests through a series of tests and medical treatments.

Between tests they can enjoy delicious, healthy and nutritionally personalised meals, one-on-one exercise, meditation and stress management, as well as accommodation specifically designed for quality sleep and relaxation.

The stay at the Brain Health Institute is followed by five nights at Amatara Wellness Resort. This ensures that the interventions, dietary plan and exercise that have been personally recommended to guests are integrated into their stay.

The brain health enhancement programme is focussed on Alzheimer’s prevention, and is highly recommended for those with a family history of the disease to help with early intervention. It is of great interest for anyone wishing to improve or maintain their brain health and cognition, and to take conscious steps against age-related cognitive decline.

Individuals with stressful daily lives or who work long hours will also highly benefit from a programme that suggests ways to enhance and preserve brain health and prevent the decline of function over time.

Amatara Brain Health Enhancement falls in the category of individualised medicine and is a truly holistic, personalised and integrative programme focussing on the bio-physical-social uniqueness of every patient.

Secluded in a tranquil Cape Panwa bay, Amatara Wellness Resort features allinclusive healthy retreat programmes as well as leisure holiday for guests. The retreats focus on detox, yoga, weight management, fitness, relaxing spas, as well as offering a tailor-made programme.

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