The New Danube Cycle Route Free Mobile App

EuroVelo 6 is the must-have app for all cyclists that plan to spend a few days riding long distances along the Danube. Developed by the Danube Competence Centre and based on the data European Cyclist Federation collected during EuroVelo 6 route assessment, the EuroVelo 6 is a longdistance cycling route running along 3,653 km of some of Europe’s major rivers, including almost the entire length of the Danube.
There are 18 different data categories included in the app with 73 different values existing along the route. Seven main categories were observed on a 1km basis and they will provide you with crucial info such as what’s the road type and width, surface material and quality, riding direction, observed traffic congestion and speed limits for motorised traffic.
Other data is usually collected on a 5km basis and includes 11 additional data categories: such as accommodation availability, restaurants, natural and cultural highlights.

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