Rostock, 800 Years of Youth

With Rostock preparing to celebrate its 800th anniversary, it is the right time to feel its Hanseatic spirit says Matthias Fromm, Managing Director of Rostock Marketing.

“2017 has been a successful year for Rostock and particularly for its tourism sector. We recorded two million overnight stays and 10 million day guests and thousands of cruise visitors from all over the world. Continuous growth of the past years pushes us to maintain the quality of offer and to be increasingly attractive all year round to also ensure the positive reputation of our destination.

This year, we will organise for example the 38th International Hanseatic Day from 21st to 24th June, the new Rostock Cruise Festival from 14th to 16th September 2018 and of course a series of events, festivals, concerts and exhibitions to celebrate Rostock 800th anniversary.

Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in Rostock generating over 500 million euro in a year. Our largest markets are still Germany followed by Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. Both are growing well thanks to flights from Vienna and Zurich. Overseas markets are becoming increasingly important due to Rostock cruise port –the largest in Germany- which generates growing interest from Europe, Asia and the USA”

Photo: Matthias Fromm Managing Director, Rostock Marketing