Pure! Travel Group Launches New Brand

Pure! Cycling offers bespoke road and mountain cycling programme in Colombia.

The company said it will design the itinerary taking into consideration the passengers’ experience, stamina, and interests and that it has already operated these tours years to guarantee it has the capacity to offer passengers a flawless experiences.
In January 2018, Pure! Cycling had its first fixed departure. Starting in Bogota, the programme introduced travellers to the vibrant capital of Colombia.
Next, the cyclers fly to Cali and subsequently travel by car to Buga, one of the oldest colonial cities in Colombia. From here they start the bicycle trip, leading through the Cuaca Valley, the National Coffee Park, the Coffee Triangle, Cocora Valley, and the town of Finlandia.
Organisers said each cycling day is different in length, varying from 29 to 86 kilometres. The altimetry of the route fluctuates from 1000 metres to 2000 metres above sea level.

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