Intui Partners Increase Sales with Travel Transfer Tools

Intui has revealed that more than 2500 Intui partners increased sales up to 8% using transfer instruments.
The company said that its partners have integrated and booked transfers to air ticket and hotels sales to improve customer care, and satisfy them with a large choice, low rates and comfort.
Intui said that customers are willing to pay for comfort and satisfaction and like to add transfers to their package – air ticket or hotel. Using the opportunity of closing missed link can be massively profitable, it said. The average sale is $110 and 15-25% of online buyers that are looking for flight tickets say they need transfers offers too.
Intui API has a unique algorithm, allowing users to select the transfer to any air flight, hotel, and ticket and generate the dynamic package in one step. The integration cost is minimal but it increases the efficiency of online travel sites.

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