Improving Service Levels Through Technology

Decius Valmorbida is Senior Vice President, Travel Channels, at Amadeus IT Group. We asked him for his thoughts on the hot topic of New Distribution Capability (NDC).

At Amadeus, we think NDC has the potential to change every aspect of our industry and to deliver enormous benefits for all players. Since its inception, we have been very active in the NDC standard. We were the first company to implement NDC v1.0 in production with United Airlines back in 2014, and are ongoing contributors in the IATA work streams. Since then, we have achieved both Level 1 certification as an aggregator and Level 3 certification as an IT player, and are committed to achieve the Level 3 certification as an aggregator this year. We see industry collaboration as key to unlocking the potential of NDC.

What is Amadeus doing in relation to NDC?

As the industry moves to embrace new approaches to merchandising and technology standards such as NDC, we must make sure we keep our ultimate customer, the traveller, in mind. Travellers value consistency, transparency and choice. They want the additional service levels that rich, personalised offers represent and they are willing to pay for them. We are evolving our travel platform, built-on open systems, harnessing intelligent use of data and integrating new interfaces and architectures. It brings together all relevant content from any source (GDS, NDC, xqairline proprietary APIs and aggregators) to be distributed via any channel or device, allowing comparisons and bookings to happen in a uniform and transparent way through Amadeus.

What can you tell use about the first evolution of your platform?

The first evolution of our platform is underway, with further updates being delivered this year. Thanks to our continuously evolving travel platform, sellers will have access to more content via more channels and devices, helping them to remain competitive whilst making it easier for them to sell travel in a more efficient and personalised way.

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Photo: Decius Valmorbida – Senior Vice President, Travel Channels, Amadeus IT Group