Facial Recognition Takes Centre Stage

Futurice is a digital consultancy which advises customers on emerging business, digital transformation and ways of working by combining expertise in design, technology and business. At the ITB Berlin Convention this week, Futurice’s Business Consultant Tugberk Duman, will look at how facial recognition could speed up processes in the travel industry globally. We asked him to tell us a little more.

We see great potential for face recognition enhancing customer experiences across all access points. That is why we had put our hands to work. In May 2017, a face recognition trial took place that brought Finavia and hub carrier Finnair together to test technology as part of the passenger experience.

How will facial recognition aid this industry?

Passenger numbers are growing – IATA expects passenger numbers to double by 2030 and reach seven billion annually – but the physical space at the airports is limited. The solution is to process the passengers faster. Biometrics and face recognition in particular are considered as the medium for faster and smoother passenger processing, as they enable walk paced identification.

What are the main benefits of using facial recognition?

With face recognition, once the customer opted in and enrolled their images to the system, they will be automatically recognised at the point of recognition without any further input needed from them. This will enable fast and intuitive access control by removing friction in the identification process and give customers peace of mind.

Are there examples of companies that are already using facial recognition in the travel and tourism industry?

Nowadays, e-gates that are using facial recognition technology for border control are a common sight in European airports. Changi Airport’s innovative Terminal 4 in Singapore relies on face recognition technology for access control. British Airways is using it for self-boarding at LAX in Los Angeles. Tokyo has announced that face recognition technology will be used to identify fans, athletes and journalists during the Olympics in 2020

Photo : Tugberk Duman Business Consultant, Futurice


Category: eTravel World

Date: March 7, 2018

Time: 3pm – 3.30pm

Location: Hall 6.1, eTravel Stage