Kogan Travel Targets Luxury Travel Offering

ITB Berlin News spoke to Paul Mercuri, Sales Manager of Kogan Travel, about his business and its main focus.

Kogan.com is the largest e-commerce retailer in Australia. We have a community of over 6.5 million members in Australia and it listed on the ASX in July 2016. Kogan Travel is one of the newest division of Kogan with a particular focus on packages with flights, hotel and resort offerings at market leading prices.

Are you particularly interested in particular travel themes?

One of our main focuses is on developing and continuing to drive large Australian outbound volume to our biggest markets, which includes China, Vietnam and Japan.

We are also developing our luxury resort offerings particularly in Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Maldives. European river cruising is also a focus.

What are the main trends you are seeing in terms of buyer demand?
Being an e-commerce website, our focus is about making travel as easy to purchase online as possible. We are seeing an ever-increasing demand for convenience in the travel buying lifecycle. Why can’t a $20,000 holiday be as easy to purchase as a $100 hotel room? We make this possible.


We also see customers becoming more exible in travel dates in return for amazingly priced deals and these savings are being used again to purchase more holidays. It creates a virtuous cycle.

What are you hoping to gain from this year’s ITB Berlin?

New contacts that we can help drive large volume in 2018 and beyond

Why did you decide to join the ITB Berlin Buyers Circle?
The ITB Berlin Buyers Circle enables me to be connect to more people where time is precious. The speed dating event at ITB Berlin is very important, although I think the sessions could be longer.

Photo: Paul Mercuri, Sales Manager, Kogan Travel.