Analysing Big Data and Intelligent Data

At this year’s ITB Berlin Convention, Dr Alexander Tayler, Chief Data Officer, Cambridge Analytica, will talk on how Big Data and Arti cial Intelligence are turning the advertising world upside down. We asked him how big data and Arti cial Intelligence will impact on the travel and hospitality sector…

Data is already transforming the industry. Booking platforms, for example, have a wealth of data on travellers and undertake very sophisticated performance marketing. Other organisations such as airlines, hotels and attractions are benefiting hugely by using data to inform their operations. The sector is targeting travellers with the kinds of products and services that are most relevant to them at any given time.

When will this become a mainstream technology?
For some of the big players it is already happening, however more data isn’t always better: it is important to derive the right insights from data, and remember that you’re customers are people and should not be treated like anonymous data points.

You say that companies can learn from the recent US presidential

election. Can you explain what these key lessons were?
A political candidate is like a brand: they must be authentic and true to their values but also invest in research and data to be able to take strategic decisions. The scale and velocity of data, together with the sophistication of data analytics technology, now available means that this is possible in real time. The best teams are truly multidisciplinary, and have researchers, data scientists, creatives and digital and TV media buyers working side-by-side to use data to it utmost effectiveness.

How important is the ITB Berlin Convention when it comes to educating and informing the industry?

It’s the world’s leading travel show, and as such is the best place to understand the latest trends across the whole industry.


Category: Future, Marketing Date: March 8, 2018

Time: 3pm – 3.45pm

Location: Convention Hall 7.1b, Auditorium London

Photo: Dr Alexander Tayler, Chief Data Officer, Cambridge Analytica.