ODTS Player Presented @ ITB Berlin by Bewotec

Just a few years after its introduction, the OTDS format has conquered the sales systems of the world. BEWOTEC – co-inventor of OTDS – now offers the ultra-fast search technology of the OTDS Player. This enables OTDS operator offers to be distributed via all popular sales platforms (Bistro, Internet, OTAs).

A particular strength of the OTDS Player lies in the simple synchronisation of a tour operator’s own products with dynamic offers from external service providers. Via BEWOTEC’s central software services, exFlight and exHotel, flights and hotels from external providers can be loaded on demand with the OTDS Player.

The OTDS Player combines flight and hotel information at the time of the inquiry to create a package offer. For example, you can concentrate on the purchasing the products offering the highest turnover (short tail) and all the rest (long tail) can be generated dynamically by the player.

The universal language of OTDS enables every operator and service provider system to load data in the OTDS Player – without any restrictions. Tour operators are not reliant on BEWOTEC’s own production systems. However, DaVinci and exStore naturally provide optimal integration with OTDS.