Nuremberg Airport Stands Tall

Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürnberg maintained its regular presence at ITB Berlin, with a new location in 2017 at the newly designed Bayernhalle, surrounded by partners from the tourist sector and other representatives of the Free State of Bavaria.

The airport’s two-story booth invited guests to discuss opportunities, as the second largest airport in Bavaria Airport Nürnberg offers airlines profitable growth options. This year 15 new direct flights will enhance the flight schedule, with an increasing number of airlines using Airport Nürnberg where Europe’s leading low-cost carriers have recognised the region of Northern Bavaria to be a growth market.

Its status as Germany’s most popular airport (Business Traveller Award Winner 2008-2016) and an annual 3.5million passengers mean Airport Nürnberg continues to be the gateway to the world for the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg