Mystifly Presents MyFareBox XClusive

MyFareBox XClusive, a white label solution giving access to the largest inventory of airfares from 900+ airlines across 70 countries in addition to LCCs, was presented for the first time at ITB Berlin 2017.

MyFareBox XClusive enables travel companies to manage their staff & MyFareBox registered sub-agents more efficiently through single platform. XClusive powers agents to search, block, order e-tickets and print invoices on behalf of their sub-agents & manage mark-up on sub-agents’ tickets.

Allocation of a separate account to each sub-agent, promotes payment transparency between agent & sub-agent. The platform allows agents to access booking queue, ticket order queue & ticketed order queue. It provides a view of the itineraries of all the sub-agents with a provision to filter sub- agent speci c itineraries based on various parameters.

This single platform enables sourcing of most economical SOTO tickets, thereby reducing the time required for searching competitive airfares, and saves up to 40% on SOTO/SITI tickets including market specific public & private airfares.

With 24/7 ticketing capability from 900+ airlines across 70 countries, it also gives the option to hold PNR on time, mitigates the possible loss associated with uncertain PNR status. Increases reach to new partners & customers.