Germany Retains Popularity Among European Travellers

Germany remains of the top destinations in Europe for travellers, although 2016 marked a slowdown in growth. But the DZT remains optimistic for 2017 and expects even stronger growth in both arrivals and overnights.

With a total of 447.3 million overnights, including 80.8 million from foreign travellers, Germany again experienced a record year, the seventh in succession. For the first time, foreign overnights passed the symbolic mark of 80 million, a 1.4% increase over the previous year. “We must continue to communicate and market an attractive image of Germany as a destination”, highlighted Klaus Laepple, President of the Board of Directors of the German National Tourism Board DZT. “Germany retains its strong position in Europe, being the second most popular travel destination for Europeans with 53.7 million trips”, explained Petra Hedorfer, CEO of the DZT.

Europe represented in 2016 over 73.7% of all overnights. When looking at city breaks, Germany is indeed number one in Europe with 12.1 million trips. The three top inbound markets remained in 2016 the Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK.

“We however continue to predict growth from emerging overseas destinations”, indicated Mrs. Hedorfer. Asia and Latin America are definitely our future growth markets. “Although we saw a slight decrease from overseas markets last year, due from a drop in overnights from Japan, the Gulf, Brazil and South Africa, we still predict a growth between 10% and 15% for Latin America and Asia”, she said.

For 2017, the DZT is launching a new communication campaign #GermanySimplyInspiring across online and social media channels with travel packages. In 2018, the DZT plans to communicate about Germany as a land of culinary, a popular theme all across the globe