100% Cashback: RedCrox Introduces Gamification to the Travel Industry at ITB Berlin

In a presentation on Wednesday 8 March in the eTravel Showroom, the European- based disruptive start-up RedCrox revealed its plans to “reinvent the travel experience with gamification”.

As a knowledge-based gamification platform, RedCrox has been working in disrupting several industries, from retail and online shopping to discount and loyalty programs. Today, RedCrox turns its attention to disrupt the travel industry by announcing its next generation tool 100% CashBack at ITB, Berlin.

Many customers try to get the best deal and save money when they travel. However, searching for travel deals can be time-consuming and tedious. RedCrox’s 100% CashBack makes it fun and fast.

Customers know that “Cash is King” and that is what they get. For hotels and other travel providers, RedCrox is a unique marketing tool which boosts direct bookings, increases cross-sell opportunities, and gains more positive reviews.

RedCrox is the first company to introduce the “Ultimate Discount” to the travel industry, where users can earn 100% CashBack by playing a simple guessing game. RedCrox believes that travel providers will gain the upper hand against their competition in the fight to capture more direct bookings.