Turkey Expands Presence, Shows Culinary Flair

Culture and cuisine headline a rich travel landscape at Turkey’s mega ITB stand

Turkey is making a bold statement at ITB Berlin 2017 with the largest stand of the fair that covers 3,079 square meters and 129 exhibitors. Showcasing the cultural diversity of Turkey’s diverse regions, from Marmara to Anatolia and Cappadocia, Turkish tourism marketers are exhibiting traditional handicrafts such as “Cam Sanatı” (glass blower art), “Hattat” (calligraphy art), “Ebru” (water sculpture art), or “Kazaz” (silver wire art), some created live at ITB by local artisans.

But among the vibrant stalls at the expansive Turkish stand, culinary themes are a highlight among both the trade and the public, especially the Ganziep: City of Gastronomy booth – the ancient city is located in Turkey’s southeast Anatolia region – where chefs work overtime to produce local delicacies. These include a variety of pistachio-infused sweets, Maraş ice cream that is beaten and served in a cone from a traditional barrel, or typical Çay tea and Turkish mokkas.

Turkey’s culinary theme will be extended to the ITB Convention during the ITB Marketing and Destination Workshops Day 3, Gourmet Journeys In The Tourism Market: Culinary Destinations In Turkey (held on March 10, 16:15 – 17:15 in Convention Hall 4.1, Room Regensburg). The session asks: What are the lessons learned from gourmet travel packages in the past and what potential is there to develop culinary tourism in Turkey?

Culinary experiences are increasingly a motivator for travel decisions – good food and drink are important components of every holiday. Thus, there is no better time to promote a Turkish cuisine that is one of the world ‘s most diverse. Top Turkish chef Vedat Başaran from the restaurant Nar in Istanbul will also be on hand to discuss the special features of the Ottoman palace kitchen where traditional Turkish recipes were created over many centuries; while Istanbul celebrity chef Mehmet Gürs will also show off some pioneering Turkish fusion cuisine