Martinique’s New Direct Flights From Munich

From surfing to rum, the French Caribbean island now more tempting than ever

Speaking to ITB Berlin News, Joëlle Desir, Director General, Martinique Tourism Committee, explained how her team and representatives of the Chamber Of Commerce are using their presence at ITB Berlin 2017 to spread the word about Martinique:

“We are an island full of different qualities – authenticity, nature, beaches, culture, people, gastronomy – and we are at ITB Berlin to contact TO & TAs, and mainly to tell the industry that we have a new direct Condor flight from Munich to Fort-de France. This means Germans wi l l no longer have to connect via France. It is important to stress the increasing accessibility of our island – especially as we know Martinique’s varied appeal is full of exactly what the average German likes in a holiday – two weeks, with adventure and nature and sunshine.

How would you describe Martinique’s USP?

What differentiates us from the other Caribbean islands is our authenticity – we have kept our real identity, our culture and flavour. It is a French island, so you have this mix of cultures, and the French Touch extends to our gastronomy: we have the local root vegetable, the yam, but cooked with French gourmet flair. Across the other islands, the food is usually the same, but on Martinique it is different. The French influence also means our security is very strong. It is an island full of beautiful nature, but also appealing for sport and adventure tourism. We host a major international surfing competition – the Martinique Surf Pro, in April.

What kind of accommodation is on offer?

We have a range of accommodation options; we have small boutique hotels, Club Med, and larger luxury hotels, but we don’t have the really big all-inclusive hotels like the Dominican Republic – we want our guests to go out of the hotel and meet real authentic people, to sample the island in person, to eat fish with the locals, and visit our distillery making the best rum in the world!