Culture in Abu Dhabi

The prestigious emirate has so much more to offer than the glitz and glamour of the city

Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi) is spearheading a large delegation of more than 50 of the emirate’s leading hotels, tour operators, attractions and destination management companies at ITB Berlin, to help build on last year’s record number of visitors.

Among TCA Abu Dhabi’s primary objectives at ITB Berlin is to develop strong partnerships and

marketing initiatives with leading tour operators to further grow the emirate’s presence internationally and leverage the destination’s cruise appeal while building awareness around the Authority’s global destination campaign.

One of the key attractions for the emirate is that of culture, and visitors to ITB Berlin will learn a great deal about the destination’s cultural attractions.


TCA Abu Dhabi and Al Ain National Museum have organized a unique public tour for both residents and tourists alike to experience Emirati culture first hand. The tour, Travel Through Our Traditions, will run its first instalments on March 15 and March 22. Visitors will be able to spend time with Emirati women and families in their homes and farms, giving them an insight into the traditions and customs of Emirati life. Travel Through Our Emirati Traditions aims to offer the larger UAE community intimate settings to know more about Emirati culture, customs and traditions.

The tour will begin at 10am departing from Souq Al Jabra and will pass

through the old central market, concluding at the Women’s market in Oasis Hospital. These markets and souqs represent the essence of traditional life in Al Ain and are known for products like Bakhour, Henna, and local Emirati clothes. Participations will also get a chance to visit the homes of Emirati women, and experience Emirati hospitality, while discussing tales of the past. The hosts will also discuss topics of daily life and symbols of Emirati Heritage including the traditional burqa, what it represents in Emirati culture, the role of Henna art and patterns in Emirati traditions; and an in depth look into traditional Emirati embroidery and how it is made