26 New Books Help Germany Discover Lithuania’s Culture

When Lithuania and the other Baltic states first received special attention at the international Leipzig Book Fair in 1997, only 5 Lithuanian authors’ books published in German were presented. This month, in the 2017 edition, there 26 books are at the epicentre of this celebration, which attracts book lovers from around the world. They will serve as 26 windows onto Lithuania’s cultural historical landscape, which will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary, and 26 invitations for German readers to brighten and enrich their mental map of a country they share so much in common with.

A broad cultural program has also been planned that emphasises Vilnius’ traditions as a multilingual, cosmopolitan city and explores Lithuania’s relationships with its Polish, Russian and German neighbours. The country’s cultural links to Germany will also be at the centre of attention during Lithuania’s presentation at Leipzig,

including the gures of Thomas Mann and Johannes Bobrowski and the cultural and historical legacy of Eastern Prussia.

There are about 50 events planned for the book fair and the Leipzig Reads (Leipzig liest) festival, including readings, discussions, and debates on relevant political issues.