WTCF Founder Yan Han Advocates ‘Better City Life Through Tourism’

Addressing the ITB Berlin Convention opening day, the WTCF Deputy Secretary- General presented valuable tourism data

As co-host of ITB Berlin 2017, the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) has a significant presence this year, not least the involvement of Yan Han, Deputy Secretary-General, WTCF, as a key speaker on March 8. Yan explained to ITB Berlin News the origins and objectives of WTCF.

WTCF is an international tourism organization formed by wellknown tourism cities and related institutions around the world under the initiative of Beijing, where it is also based. WTCF offers its 181 members services including exhibition activities, publicity, themed discussions, consulting, industry training, tourism programme investment and financing. Among WTCF’s 120 city members, 43 of them are located in Europe; so ITB Berlin is an important platform.

You bring extensive research to ITB Berlin 2017 – can you give us a summary of your findings?

The reports show that in 2016, global tourism has become a vital drive for global economy. For the first time, global tourist arrivals in 2016 passed the 10 billion mark, reaching a total 10.5 billion up by 4.8 % over last year. Global tourism revenue reached $5.17trillion which amounts to 7.0% of the global GDP – a 3.6% rise since last year. Several key findings include: that global tourism economy grew faster than the global economy; that tourism played a significant role in rebalancing the global economy; and that cities became the pivots of the world tourism economy.

As well as full detail on your comprehensive research, what else did attendees learn from your presentation?

With a focus on Chinese outbound tourism, we demonstrated how WTCF provides We-media service to members through its WeChat, official Weibo, official website, magazine, newsletter, and APP. Combined, these have the potential to reach about 2 million tourists and most of fundamental services are offered by free