Travelzoo Proposes to Certify Safety and Security

Travelzoo and Bournemouth University will together forward a proposal to implement a safety and security Kitemark certification system in the travel industry. The certification will apply to airports, hotels and popular tourist attractions. The call comes following a joint research report on global security and the “fear factor” conducted with 6,000 consumers in nine countries. It found that, despite safety and security being more important than ever for tourists when booking their holiday, the majority remain ill-informed about which destinations are safe for travel. The report found that a majority of respondents (97%) said safety and security is on their mind when choosing where to holiday. Almost three quarters (71%) say safety and security is on their mind more now than it was a few years ago. Terrorism is the biggest safety issue for most nations, while Russians (83%) Indians (70%) and the Japanese (67%) are the most concerned about terrorism. Meanwhile, Switzerland, Canada, Austria, Australia and Spain are perceived to be the safest travel destinations