Maldives Approaches 1.3 Million Tourist Arrivals in 2016

The Maldives archipelago enjoyed an excellent year in 2016 – with total foreign arrivals progressing by 4.2% to reach a total of 1.29 million. Asia-Pacific and Europe are standing side by side in terms of total arrivals. While Asian total arrivals declined slightly by 0.3% from 600,000 to 598,000 arrivals, European total arrivals were up by 7.3% to break the 575,000 mark. Looking at individual markets, arrivals from China show a surprising decline of almost 10% although the country remains the Maldives largest source of travellers.

With 324,000 visitors in 2016, China alone generates 25% of all arrivals. China slowdown was however compensated by the surge in Indian arrivals: +27.9%, the equivalent of 68,000 travellers. Malaysia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Australia also showed doubledigit growth figures. Germany continues to dominate arrivals from Europe, representing 106,000 visitors, equivalent to a market share of 8.1%. It is tightly tracked by the UK, up by almost 10% with 102,000 arrivals last year