Maldives: 2016 Partner Country Builds on Success

Mohamed Riyaz, CEO and founder of Lets Go Maldives, talks to ITB Berlin News about the Maldives’ efforts to consolidate gains made in the wake of its successful stint as 2016 ITB Berlin partner country. He starts by talking about the importance of ITB Berlin.

Though Maldives is one of the most exotic and unique travel destinations of the world, that alone is not enough. We need a good partner like ITB to promote our country for the correct audience. We have had more arrivals and more inquiries [since last year], and overall it is getting better and we are recovering after the problems of 2015. We expect these results to continue in 2017.

What new promotions are you bringing to ITB?

Having discovered that the Maldives is sometimes perceived as a very expensive destination, we are moving towards a new milestone of affordable tourism. With the introduction of new guesthouses, resort choices and hotel offers, we are trying to bring more affordable choices to the Maldives