Not All Are Equal Above the Clouds

Airbus is present for the first time at ITB Berlin, with Bob Lange, Senior Vice President, Head of Market and Product Strategy, Airbus, speaking at the ITB Berlin Convention on “Innovative Aircraft Types: Basis for Gaining New Customers”. We asked Bob to tell us a little more…

We will be referring to the Airspace cabin of course, and the core of the presentation is about the way passengers will be making their choices in the future, the degree of information they have about those choices, and how both the airline and the air framer can work together to ensure the passengers have better quality information. To this end, we are showcasing our initiative, which helps passengers who want to fly on A380s book on A380s. This innovative booking assistant allows travellers to browse all A380 flights, destinations and airlines. Passengers simply click on the desired flight and are taken to the airline website for final booking.

What’s the thinking behind your presence at the show?

The fact that we are present at ITB Berlin is recognition of the fact that as air travel is maturing in the marketplace, passengers are becoming much better informed about the choices they are making before they put their credit card number into a booking system. As one of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, we have a tremendous insight into the passenger experience in our aircraft. That’s the reason for being at the show. We are primarily demonstrating our new cabin design, which is called “Airspace by Airbus”, the attributes of which have been recognised to the extent that it won a Red Dot design award last year. This is why we decided to use it as a model and roll those attributes out over time into all our aircraft, the next one being our A330neo wide body aircraft, which enters service in 2018. Here at ITB Berlin, we have a fullscale mock-up of the Airspace Cabin.

What are the key differentiators of the new cabin?

The design is highly differentiated when it comes to the passenger experience, including the ambiance, the lighting, the air quality, the temperature control, and what is probably the most important factor – the width of the economy seats, which is superior to the competitors