Guiding The Modern French Explorers

ITB Berlin News spoke to Hervé Tribot La Spiere (President, Explorator) about his business, and his mission at ITB Berlin 2017.

When you visit ITB Berlin, you have both a global vision of tourism in the world and the opportunity to discover an ideal partner for your business in a previously unknown country. Explorator is a French tour operator which sends small French-speaking groups (between four and 12 participants) to 80 countries around the world. These are travels oriented toward nature, culture and meeting populations – enlightening trips, welcoming the mystery of the unknown. My target, since 1999 has always been the same: to find new partners in the countries to which we have decided to launch adventure travels, and to meet with our existing partners to improve on our current products, whether it’s the routes, the safety, or new ideas.

Which destinations are you mainly interested in?

Mainly exotic destinations like Iran, Bhutan, Bolivia, Uganda, many more countries that are, generally, very far from the European mind-set. The goal is – despite all the inherent logistical problems that this entails – to allow our clients to discover and understand the people living in these areas. Consumer demand is good, but clients are more and more anxious about security, so we need to work with partners and destinations to conquer this.