eNanda – Rasta Caves and Umzinyathi Falls Tour

A guide shows travellers the way to the uMzinyathi Gorge to discover its waterfall and pristine valley vegetation. And when they think they have seen it all, they take a hike down into the steep gorge where they will be stunned by a sacred cliff face cave, which has been used by Rastafarians as a place for their spiritual traditions.

On the way down to the Rasta caves visitors get a view of the magnificent uMzinyathi waterfall. Visitors learn about the Rastafarian people, their religion as well as viewing the Rastafarian temple, caves and rock houses (which they live in) as well as ancient Ethiopian writing.

eNanda Adventures, located on the shores of Inanda Dam, located only 30 minutes’ drive from Durban, is the perfect place for adventure sports. Whether you love mountain biking, hiking or various water sports activities, Inanda offers ideal conditions in breathtaking surroundings.

The surroundings of Inanda Dam currently offer more than 100 km of beautiful and maintained Hiking and Mountain Biking Trails. But make sure not to miss the breath-taking hike around the local gorge with its impressive uMzinyathi Waterfall and Rastafarian Cave.

The area around Inanda Dam is also highly spiritual land with its predominant traditional African Shembe religion The Durban Green Corridor runs a Trail Centre adjacent to the dam which functions as a centre of all outdoor activities and offers facilities, sanitation as well as secure parking. For outdoor experience, mountain bikes, canoes and kayaks are available for hire on site

iSithumba is a rural and authentic Zulu village, situated in the unique Valley of 1000 Hills and only 40 minutes’ drive west of Durban. It offers outdoor and culture enthusiasts a (magnificent) landscape of scenic mountain peaks and cliffs, meandering rivers, green valleys and abundant forests. The site is the perfect location to explore the Valley of a 1000 Hills and base for the iSithumba Tourism Route. Horse riding, 4×4 excursions and some of the most authentic Zulu Cultural Experiences in the country. The site manager and guide, Jeffrey was recently voted the top cultural guide in KwaZulu-Natal in the Lilizela Tourism Awards