Social Media, Technology and Tourism in Iran

Never before had a developing destination such a high level of internet penetration and a proactive young audience. At this year’s ITB Berlin Convention, René M. Du Terroil, Representative for North America, Adventure, Cultural and Educational Programming for Iran Doostan Tours will enlighten the audience on how citizens in this nation are engaging with tourism… We asked him to tell us more about his presentation…


Category: eTravel Stage

Date: March 10, 2017 Time: 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Location: Hall 6.1, eTravel Stage

My presentation is twofold, first introducing Iran as a destination and how tourism works and then go into how social media and the internet are at the heart of the fastest growing segment of tourism in Iran. Something that has not happened elsewhere where P2P is taking the place of B2P – due to a number of factors (sanctions) this has been a help and hindrance to the traditional tourist industry and players.

What lessons can be taken from this for other destinations?

Well I think in a country like Iran how do you do both B2B and B2C education without having an active and present tourist board in multiple countries doing a lot of the basics as well as not just the promotion of our programs but greater awareness about the region at large and specifically the country. So, in many ways we cannot use the blueprint that other neighbors – for example Turkey – have used.

Who should come to your presentation?

Firstly, people interested in learning about the Iranian market – this is not about WHAT to see but how it works, what the trends are and the interdependency of technology specifically social media is in the development of both traditional and new types of tourism. Travel agencies and operators looking to work in Iran should come, as should tech companies with platforms that can feature Iranian businesses and media looking for fresh statistics and trends about Iran tourism industry. For the latter, it’s a case of looking at who is going and what are they doing; not the usual story about mosques, minarets and museums